Microsoft Terminal Services

Remote Desktop Business Solutions allow businesses to deploy third party and custom developed internal business applications to remote users using Microsoft Terminal Services.Remote Desktop Solutions help businesses grow by allowing delivering applications to remote offices and ‘work at home’ employees while reducing your investment in infrastructure by eliminating the cost of self-built facilities that can be expensive to operate and beyond the financial means and technical skills of many small businesses.Because applications are executed using EPI servers instead of individual PC’s, your cost for individual user workstations is reduced, allowing you to invest in lower cost PC or terminal services compatible thin-client workstations instead of more expensive hardware.

Because applications are executed using EPI servers, the danger of infecting vital business solutions with viruses or of third party intruders gaining access to important corporate data is reduced or eliminated.

A True ‘Mobile Office’ Solution

Being a Mobile Office means being able to run your business applications from anywhere, at any time. With EPI’s Remote Desktop Business Solution you’re no longer limited to using your vital business applications from one location. Imagine being able to access your business applications while traveling or from both the office and from home. Imagine being able to deliver and support your business applications from two, three or more office locations.

At EPI, we support a wide range of third party business applications like QuickBooks as well as many custom developed software application programs. Right now, today, hundreds of businesses around the world are operating applications hosted by EPI servers. Shouldn’t you be one?

Protect Your Business From Disaster

Many EPI customers are located in areas that are subject to a variety of potential natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, forest fires or severe winter weather conditions. While we all hope that our businesses are safe from disaster the reality is that circumstances can cause any business to be unable to operate, sometimes for days and sometimes for weeks. With EPI’s hosted Remote Desktop solutions clients can quickly relocate or arrange for employees to work from home or other locations and reduce risk.

Reduce IT Support and Infrastructure Costs

Tired of the high cost of local technical support staff and the infrastructure costs of servers, backups and other IT related services? EPI’s Remote Desktop Business Solutions are delivered as a fully managed service. We provide solutions that reduce or eliminate the costs of equipment and the costs of maintaining local resources needed to operate your business.

We offer a full range of technical support options to support your Remote Desktop Business Solution deployment, and you no longer have to worry about the safety of your data because EPI makes sure it is protected and available. Our basic service provides up to five weeks of backup for all of your critical data, and long term multi-year backups are available on request.

Service Fees

Service fees for EPI’s Remote Desktop Business Solutions vary depending on the level of services you request, but the costs of our standard business services are pretty easy to figure out. There are four elements that combine to determine your monthly service fees:

For all Terminal Service deployments, a base monthly fee of $90.00 per month applies. This is a flat fee that does not increase or change, regardless of the number of terminal service desktops deployed.

For each end-user subscriber account EPI charges a desktop fee of $22.95 per month. This fee covers a proportion of the equipment and labor costs required to service your account. This fee also recovers the cost of Microsoft Terminal Service SALS (Subscriber Access Licenses), operating system licensing fees, networking services and certain other expenses incurred on your behalf.

For each customer supplied business application (or, if appropriate, for each primary application component3) EPI charges a $75.00 monthly service fee for the first application and $25.00 per month for each additional application.

If you choose to enhance your subscription by adding selected Microsoft Office or other EPI supplied applications a monthly software rental fee applies. Per subscriber fees are as follows:

Application Price Microsoft Office Standard Edition $16.95 Microsoft Office Professional Edition $19.95 Microsoft Project Standard $32.95 Microsoft FrontPage $12.95 Microsoft Visio Standard Edition $12.95 Microsoft Visio Professional Edition $24.95 Microsoft Exchange Mailbox $8.60 TS Explorer $2.20

Let’s assume that you have a one custom application that you wish to have hosted. How much would this cost?

Well, assuming that you need to support desktops for eight people, here’s how to calculate your monthly fee:

Item Qty Unit Cost Extended Base Monthly Fee 1 $90.00 $90.00 TS Desktop Fee 8 22.95 183.60 Custom Application 1 75.00 75.00 Total Monthly Fee $348.60

In this example, your average monthly fee per user is $43.58 per month ($348.60 divided by 8). Volume discounts are available.

One-Time setup fees vary with each deployment and are custom quoted based on the number of end-users and the number of applications being deployed. For the eight subscriber example shown above, one-time setup fees are estimated at $446.25. A minimum three user subscription is required.

All fees are quoted based on an annual service term agreement. Shorter term agreements are available on request. Additional service fees may apply if you require custom desktops for specific individuals or groups of individuals. Microsoft Office deployments do not include Microsoft Outlook, which is available on request for clients who subscribe to EPI’s hosted Microsoft Exchange Server solution.

Prices do not include regular fees associated with additional services such as hosting of Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server or other required services. Standard deployments provide each end-user with 100MB of private disk space and each client with 250MB of sharable disk space. Additional disk space is available.

Setting Up a Trial Subscription

Trial subscriptions allow you to test EPI’s Remote Desktop Business Solution without a significant investment. For a one-time fixed fee of $250.00 we will install, configure and deploy your chosen business applications on a test server and allow to you evaluate our Remote Desktop solution for up to 14 days. Should you later subscribe to an EPI hosted Remote Desktop Business Solution we will credit this fee towards your first months subscription service charges.1

Trial Subscriptions are limited to a maximum of five individual subscribers. If you wish to continuing testing beyond this period a service fee of $18.00 per day3 will apply.

Want to know more?

No matter whether you’re a software publisher with one customer or a software publisher looking to offer services to thousands of customers, your first step should be to talk to an EPI sales representative. For more information, call EPI at (800) 689-9034 and talk to one of our terminal services specialist.

We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and, if you wish, arrange for a demonstration pilot that will allow you to test our services and evaluate our remote desktop solutions.

If you would like someone from EPI to call and contact you, click here. Attention Software Publishers If you are a software publisher looking for new markets and new ways to deliver and support your software products then please click here.

Included Features:

Prices quoted above include:

Nightly Backup

Unlimited Terminal Services Network Traffic per month

Free Firewall Service

Operating System and Terminal Service Licensing

EPI Active Directory Domain Services

Service Monitoring

24×7 Technical Support

24×7 Technical Support

Your hosted service includes FREE EPI Hosted Service Level 1 Technical Support. To put it very simply, contact us any time of the day or night. Whatever you need, we’ll do it for you and help you in any way we can. You can use this available support for anything you need us to do to help you manage your hosted solution.

Service Monitoring

Your service include EPI Service Monitoring. Monitoring checks your primary (Internet facing) servers and service connections every five minutes, 24 hours a day to verify that your servers are operational, triggering an immediate alert to EPI technicians in the event of a problem. 1 – You must subscribe within 60 days of completion of your trial to be eligible for this credit. 2 – Invoiced in one week increments. 3 – The term Primary Application Component applies when an application consists of two or more individually executable programs, each with a distinct purpose and/or with a distinct icon. 4 – Subject to a minimum $12.95 per application monthly fee. (Minimum fee applies when applications are utilized by fewer than three end-users).

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