Scheduled and Emergency Maintenance Policies

Just like your car, your home heating system and other mechanical systems that you may be familiar with, computer systems require some level of ongoing maintenance. Maintenance allows EPI staff to update software, patch or apply fixes to operating systems or perform other actions that EPI believes are necessary to ensure that the services we deliver to customers are operating to EPI standards. EPI recognizes two classes of maintenance:

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Regularly Scheduled Maintenance is defined as a regular scheduled time of each day during which EPI can, at its discretion, perform maintenance to the various computer systems, switches, routers and other equipment used to deliver customer services. This time of day is between the hours of 11:00PM to 6:00AM EST Monday to Friday, and 11:00PM to 8:00AM EST on weekends and holidays.

Unscheduled Emergency Maintenance Unscheduled Emergency Maintenance represents situations where EPI staff must perform maintenance on a computer system outside of our regular scheduled maintenance hours. Typically this is due to the sudden need to repair or fix some unforeseen problem.

Scheduled Maintenance Policy EPI is permitted to perform maintenance on any and all systems managed by EPI at any time during our regularly scheduled maintenance windows. When and as appropriate EPI posts notices in the announcements section of our client portal web site, located at These notices are intended to inform clients when scheduled maintenance activities are planned. EPI does not post notices for scheduled maintenance activities that little or no possible client impact.

EPI does not post public notices for maintenance of servers or equipment performed on behalf of special contract customers. In these cases notifications to these special contract customers are processed separately based on the terms of their individual contracts.

Clients who wish to be informed of scheduled maintenance activities are responsible for checking the technical support web site periodically for scheduled maintenance notices. Alternatively, clients wishing to be notified of upcoming scheduled maintenance are encouraged to subscribe to EPI’s Twitter feed, located at

Emergency Maintenance Policy
EPI is not able to notify clients of unscheduled emergency maintenance. However, if time permits and we are able and if we believe a public notice is suitable, we will post a message on our technical support web and on our Twitter feed which will keep clients informed of the emergency circumstances and our progress in dealing with the emergency.